Attrayante FMB

Attrayante FMB

2011 | Oldenburg NA | Aliano / Legado de Fuego / Le Santo / Rantares

Attrayante FMB is a 2011 filly by Aliano out of Tamara (Legado de Fuego / Le Santo / Rantares). Attrayante is very typey and has three socks and a unique star and snip. She is full sister to Azusa FMB (2012).


Attrayante’s imported Holsteiner sire, Aliano, was in Grand Prix Dressage training and has competed successfully up to the Intermediare I level. Aliano comes from the famous STAMM 318D2, which has a strong reputation in breeding and sport. It is the direct motherline of the stallions Corofino I and II, Diorado, Diarado among many others. In the fall of 2014, Aliano was presented to the AHHA after he had met his dressage performance requirements. He earned impressive scores and Judge Michael Gonell remarked that “Americans should be standing more stallions like Aliano that excel at both dressage and jumping.” Aliano’s versatility, talent, and temperament are consistently seen in his very typey offspring.

Attrayante’s dam sire, Legado de Fuego, is a 16.1h 1999 Holsteiner stallion. Jumping is so easy for him he treats it like a fun game, and he has terrific scope and technique over fences. He shows great athletic ability, powerful movement, beautiful typey conformation, and a wonderfully willing, smart, and friendly disposition. He is by the Holsteiner stallion Le Santo, who recieved a bonit score of 9 for type at his Holsteiner approvals. Le Santo also competed successfully in both dressage and show jumping. Legado shows the same great athletic ability and versatility.

Aliano and Legado

In 2003 Legado was one of only three stallions to pass the preliminary approvals for breeding by the AHHA. He was the only domestically bred stallion to pass! He was presented with the RPSI in September 2002 as a three year old and received impressive scores including a 9 for his canter and 8’s for his trot, jumping, and overall impression. He is also approved with the AWS. Along with everything else he carries some wonderful bloodlines including Cor De La Bryere, Calypso I, and he is a grandson of the great Landgraf I.

Also in Attrayante’s pedigree is Rantares – the 2007 #1 USEF Dressage Sire in the USA. Rantares has Fox Hunted, won combined training events and then continued his winning ways at FEI level in dressage. He placed at Pan Am selection trials and his show record at the FEI dressage met the requirements of the ISR/OLD performance testing for stallions. His show ring performance was accomplished while breeding a full book of mares. At age 17, Olympic medalist Steffen Peters said of Rantares, “He would still be in the top five horses competing at St. Georges and Intermediare I in the USA, now.” He passes on his versatility and soundness to his offspring.

Attrayante FMB

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