Aliano comes from one of the best German STAMM: 318D2. He offers a golden pedigree, with excellent bloodlines of international quality for both dressage and jumping. Aliano is an outstanding stallion and a true gentleman. He shows extravagant movement, exceptional jumping ability and an incredibly kind disposition.

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Welcome to FMB Farms

With over 20 years of experience in breeding, FMB Farms has produced numerous Champion and Premium warmblood foals with their small band of exceptional mares and imported Holsteiner stallion, Aliano (STAMM 318D2). Located in Saint-Jacques de Montcalm, Quebec. Learn more about us and our history at FMB Farms, along with our breeding goals and achievements in the industry.

Latest News

Valentine's Day Special Offer

For Valentine’s Day we offer you a breeding to Aliano at a reduced price. Enjoy this opportunity, valid for the month of love! A special low rate of 1,000$ CDN / 850$ US. This offer includes the same conditions as in a regular contract.


Want to Breed your Mare to Aliano?

Contact us to learn more about purchasing a Breeding Contract with Aliano. Our contract includes LFG, first collection, and two years to use the breeding. Fresh Semen with good fertility. We use a 4 day extender to keep the semen longer for any possible transport delays. We ship FedEx, Dicom and Purolator and have many clients in Canada and the United States.

Owner of Ariano FMB

Ariano is truly an amazing colt. He is always so sweet and happy to see me. Ariano is very curious about new things. He enjoys going on walks and follows me around wherever I want to go. He is full of personality and he is very handsome and flashy. I love his coloring and his movement is beautiful; he prances around and flips lead changes with ease. He is a joy to be around. He is my horse of a lifetime and I am so excited to see our bond continue to grow. We get to have many firsts together and it will make it so much better when I finally get to sit in the saddle on his back and learn to dance with him.

— Shauna R.

Owner of Arkoz FMB

What I like to most about Arkoz is the fact that he’s a ‘one-rider’ type of horse. He gives everything he’s got when he knows and befriends his rider. Goofy, athletic, affectionate and well behaved, he’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Plus, I’ve ridden him up to Third Level in dressage before starting a jumper career with him. He’s quite the athlete. He’s very versatile and enjoys both disciplines. Not only is he a truly elegant and handsome horse, he’s a joy to work with. Thank you Mélanie for breeding such quality in Quebec!

— Noemy G.

Owner of Aragon FMB

Aragon is extremely intelligent and brave – nothing phases him! He loves toys and is quite the comedian with them. He possesses an active mind and thought process, which means he catches onto things unusually fast and is eager to understand something new. He has never met a stranger and has been a lot of fun to bring up. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us as a riding team.

— Christina C.

Owner of Arzio FMB

I purchased Arzio as a 2015 weanling colt from Mélanie Boucher. From beginning to end, I was very pleased with her honesty and professionalism. She has impeccable mares and Aliano is just incredible. She holds a very high standard in her breeding that I appreciate. Arzio has inherited Aliano’s looks and height, but also his incredible temperament and movement. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! I’m also looking forward to purchasing my next superstar from her.

— Michelle C.