1994 | KWPN | Roemer / Condus

Marquesse was a 1994 17hh chestnut KWPN mare by Roemer out of Andromeda (Condus). She was approved Oldenburg NA. While Marquesse is sadly no longer with us, her memory lives on in the offspring she gave to our breeding program, and especially so in her daughter Floristern FMB who is with us today as one of our treasured broodmares. Marquesse was the loving mother of Floristern FMB (2006), Avonlea FMB (2007), and Aracruz FMB (2008).


Marquesse’s sire, Roemer, holds a legendary international record as a breeding stallion. This 17-hand Preferent Dutch Warmblood, 1975-1996, was the top producer of dressage horses in Holland for over seven years. He was the leading sire in the USDF Horse of the Year standings over an eleven year period. His talented offspring have competed successfully in dressage through the Grand Prix Level. Roemer stood at Iron Spring Farms. Roemer had an illustrious career as a competitor and sire until his death in 1996. Today, through the use of artificial insemination with frozen semen, Roemer is still contributing to the legacy that began in 1975.

Roemer and Condus

Marquesse’s dam sire, Condus, is noted in the German Trakehner Stallion Book to be well-proportioned with long lines; pleasing head, neck and shoulder, good saddle position; long, somewhat sloped pelvis, medium strong foundation; impulsive trot; proud bearing in all movements. The quite popular stallion has produced a number of very good daughters; of medium size, they have sufficient substance and good faces, advantageously shaped necks, swinging backs and a pleasant way of going in all phases of movement; it must also be emphasized that they are good keepers and utilize their feed well.

Condus was approved at Neumünster in of October of 1966 after which he stood at Gestüt Pütter, FRG until 1974. He continued his stud duties in Germany until 1980 for C. Heuckeroth. In February of 1981 he was imported by Harry Zimmermann and stood for a year at his Ontario farm. From 1982 until his death he stood at Zeitgeist Trakehner Farm in PA. In the years 1980 & 1981 he was rated the #1 sire of money winning dressage horses within the Trakehner breed in Germany.


Marquesse’s Foals

Aracruz FMB is a 2008 registered and branded bay Oldenburg NA colt by Holsteiner stallion Aliano (Aljano / Corrado I / Fernando) out of our KWPN mare Marquesse (Roemer / Condus).

Avonlea FMB is a 2007 Premium Oldenburg filly by Holsteiner stallion Aliano (Aljano / Corrado I / Fernando) out of our KWPN mare Marquesse (Roemer / Condus).

Floristern FMB is a 2006 Premium and Champion Oldenburg mare by Flower King D. Floristern received the highest score in Canada out of all the mares inspected that year.

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